The Tag. The App. The Platform.


The Tag. The App. The Platform.

The Tag

Tag the stuff you care about

It's sometimes difficult to keep track of the gear that's important to us, but now it's easier with our new GearTag.

The small plastic tag contains a small Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio that 'talks' to your smartphone. If the tag moves out of range of the smartphone, alerts are triggered. Simple, but effective!

The tag can also be paged from your smartphone at any time, and beep until you've tracked it down. Great for those times when you can't remember where you've put something!

Each tag also carries an NFC tag and unique QR code on the back that can be scanned with a smartphone barcode scanner app. If someone finds your gear, they are taken to our website where they are provided with instructions on how to return it. We'll notify you that your gear has been found!

The GearTag is an electronic device but consumes very little power - it doesn't require charging. Instead, it's powered by a small battery that should last it a a year or so and easily replaced.


  • Buddy

    Let's stay together

    Smart phones and smart tags are meant for each other. Place a GearTag on your keyring and pair it with your smartphone. They become bff's!

    If you leave your keys at the local cafe, your phone can alert you before you leave the door! Similarly, if you leave your phone, the keys in your pocket or purse will set off an alarm!

  • Page

    Beep, beep, beep, ...

    Ever lost your keys somewhere in your own home? or your smartphone? We've all done it.

    Simply open the GearTag app on your phone, press the 'page' button and your GearTag starts chirping away. Misplaced your phone? Press a paired GearTag and get your phone beeping!

  • Marco

    Hot or cold?

    With the same objective as 'Ping' mode, 'Marco' runs on your smartphone app and tells you the approximately distance to your tag.

    As you move, it tells you if you're getting 'hotter' or 'colder'. You can even run Page and Marco together to find your tagged item quickly.

  • Boomerang

    Come back to me

    If you do lose a tagged item, call upon the GearTag Community for help. Flag your lost item using the smartphone app or website.

    If another GearTag user comes within range of your lost item, it will broadcast its identity. The tag's approximate location will be passed to our servers and you will be immediately notified.


GearTags can be used in lots of ways. Probably the most popular use is on your keychain. But how about your backpack? or a purse? If you have little kids running around at the shopping mall - clip a tag to their belts so they can't wander too far away! The same goes for Fido.

  • Keys
  • Luggage
  • Purse
  • Animals
  • Kids
  • Bicycle
  • Camera

We're sure you'll find lots of gear that you'd like to secure with GearTags. Tags come with a clip, a carabiner and some double-sided tape - so you should be able to fasten one to just about anything!

The App

Managing tags and your gear

To connect with a GearTag, you'll need a smartphone equipped with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio (also known as Bluetooth 4). The latest smartphones already have it (e.g. iPhone 4s, 5) and many more are coming.

We're working on native apps for iPhone and Android, both for phones and tablets. All tag settings are available from the device, a network connection is optional. The app also allows you to keep track of all your gear - not only the gear with tags. Keep a record on your device and/or the cloud. You can then securely access information on your gear from anywhere.

The Platform

Here. There. Everywhere.

To reduce cost and improve battery life, GearTags do not have GPS capabilities - so they can't tell you exactly where they are. However, they can talk to smartphones close by that have GPS and do know where they are! If you lose some tagged gear, let us know. If a member of the GearTag Community is within range of the tag, the tag will 'ping' our network and we'll notify you with its approximate location.

If you choose to keep track of your gear (with or without tags), your data will be stored securely in the 'cloud'. You'll be able to access it anywhere, anytime. Access your data on any of your devices through our native apps or a web browser. Having your data securely stored is great for insurance purposes, or for when you're out shopping for ink cartridges and can't remember if your printer model is a 2100 or 3100!


The awesomeness


The awesomeness

  • Wireless

    Smart tags for smart phones

    GearTags use the latest Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio to 'talk' to your smartphone, with range in the neighborhood of 100 meters. No charging required. Batteries will last a year or so before replacement.

  • Alerts

    Danger Will Robinson!

    Alerts can be set to trigger if your tagged gear moves beyond a certain range from your smartphone. You can also trigger the tag to give out a continuous audible 'chirp' to help you locate it quickly.

  • Community

    Lending a helping hand

    If you do lose some tagged gear, the GearTag Community can help out. Each tag broadcasts its unique identity; if another GearTag user comes within range, their smartphone notifies us and we'll notify you!

  • Mapping

    Where'd it go?

    To reduce cost and increase battery life, tags do not carry their own GPS. However, they talk to smartphones that do! Use any device with a web browser to log in to your account at any time and view the last known location.

  • Barcodes

    Snap the ID

    Each GearTag carries a unique QR code that can be scanned by any smartphone with a barcode scanning app. This takes the finder to our website where they are provided with information on how to return the gear.

  • Inventory

    Keep track of all your gear

    Not all your gear needs a tag, but our platform lets you store important information about any of your gear - tagged or not. Everything's securely stored in the cloud, where you have access from your smartphone or computer.


Making it happen


Making it happen

We're a small team of engineers and programmers that joined together and created a startup to make great stuff! Our backgrounds are in mechanical and electrical engineering with a healthy dose of computer science. We love mobile, and we love cool gadgets. We think GearTags are cool and hope you do too!

We're based in the San Francisco bay area. Drop by and say hi sometime. If you have any questions or comments, email us at info@geartag.com or complete the form below.


Get yourself a GearTag


Get yourself a GearTag

Available for Pre-order now!

We're working hard to go into full production and aim to have tags available by the end of Q3 2014. If you'd like to be one of the lucky few to receive GearTags from the first production batch, you can stake your claim now!


Questions? Drop us a note


Questions? Drop us a note

Please complete the form below:

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